Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Athena Alliance apparently not interested in different opinions

I posted the following as a comment to the post titled "Declining US Brand" at the blog "The Intangible Economy" yesterday:

"The opinion of any non-American with regard to the US is based on the self interest of that individual, which is influenced by their home country's national interests, their religion, their educational experience, and many other factors.

I think that the USA should not formulate its foreign policies based on the public opinion of the rest of the world. Our foreign policy should seek to advance the national interest of our country. That is a fundamental principle of statesmanship. If the elected leaders of the US pursue policies that American citizens decide are in their own best interests and people in other countries do not understand or disagree with those policies, so be it."

Hardly inflammatory and not a profanity or expletive in sight. I surfed back over to "The Intangible Economy"
this afternoon to see if there had been any further discussion, and I found that my post had been deleted. Apparently Mr. Jarboe doesn't want any thoughts that disagree with his polluting his blog. Way to show your commitment to the marketplace of ideas!

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