Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Economic implications of US-India nuclear cooperation

A nice discussion of the initial reaction to the agreement can be found at the International Herald Tribune here. An obvious benefit to the US is that US nuclear technology companies will be able to pitch their product in India, as "the agreement calls for the United States to end a long moratorium on the sale of nuclear fuel and reactor components."

Another piece on this pact is "Implications of the US-India Nuclear Deal" at the Harvard International Review. This article makes the valid point that "Sino-Indian competition is, of course, economic. India lacks substantial energy resources, and its continuing development will require massive energy use: power for new infrastructure, rural electrification for the poor, and automotive fuel and air conditioning for the burgeoning middle class. The United States sees its transfer of uranium fuel and nuclear technology to India as, in part, an investment in a democratic alternative to Chinese economic hegemony in Asia."

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