Friday, December 05, 2008

US bankruptcies in 2008

Bankruptcies of 2008 (as reported by
AIG (insurance)
Aloha Airlines (airline)
American Color Graphics (newspaper)
Ascendia Brands (retail)
ATA (airline)
Bear Stearns (banking)
Bill Heard Enterprises (auto)
Bluepoint RE (insurance)
Blue Water Holdings (auto)
Boscov’s (retail)
Brooke Corporation (insurance)
Buffets Holdings (restaurants)
Ciena Capital (real estate)
Comfort Co. (bedding)
Dynamic Leisure (travel)
Education Resource Institute (insurance)
Empire Land (real estate)
Eos Airlines (airline)
Fashion House Holdings (retail)
Fortunoff (retail)
Friedman’s Jewelers (retail)
Fred Leighton Holdings (retail)
Fremont General (banking)
Frontier Airlines (airline)
Gainey Corporation (trucking)
Gemini Air Cargo (air delivery/freight)
Goody’s (retail)
Greatwide Logistics (trucking)
Greektown Holdings (casino)
Hospital Partners of America (healthcare)
HRP Myrtle Beach Holdings (entertainment)
Indymac (banking)
Integra Hospital Plano, LLC (healthcare)
Integrity Bancshares, Inc. (banking)
JHT Holdings (trucking/transportation)
Laketown Wharf (real estate)
Land Resource, LLC (real estate)
Landsource (real estate)
Legends Gaming (casino)
Lehman Brothers (banking)
Lillian Vernon (retail)
Linens n’ Things (retail)
Luminent Mortgage Capital (banking)
Kimball Hill (real estate)
Landsource Community Development (real estate)
Matrix Development Corporation (real estate)
Mervyn’s (retail)
Mortgages Ltd. (banking)
Motorcoach Industries International (transportation)
MPF Corp. (transportation)
Mrs. Fields Famous Brands (food services)
Pierre Foods (food services)
Pope & Talbot, Inc. (pulp/wood products)
PRC LLC (business services consulting)
Propext (textiles)
Quebecor World (USA), Inc. (office services/printing)
Red Envelope (retail)
Sharper Image (retail)
Silverjet Airlines (airline)
Sirva (moving services)
Skybus (airline)
STA Restaurants - Bennigan’s (restaurants)
Steakhouse Partners (restaurants)
Steve and Barry’s (retail)
Syntax-Brillian - Olevia (electronics)
Taro Properties (real estate)
Tropicana (casinos)
Vail Plaza Development (real estate)
Value City Department Stores (retail)
VeraSun Energy (alternative energy)
Vicorp (restaurants)
Washington Mutual (banking)
WCI (real estate)
Whitehall Jewelers (jewelry)
Wickes Furniture (retail)
Woodside Group (real estate)
WorldSpace, Inc. (satellite broadcasting)
Ziff Davis (media)

Lifted from Bankruptcies Revisited at a blog by Robert Salomon...


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