Thursday, July 05, 2012

Microfiction: Operation K Insurgency

Dwayne Johnson sat in the dark in the middle of a wheatfield thirty yards from an electrical substation.  He held a twelve gauge shotgun loaded with five rounds.  Shortly, he was going to blast the substation with all five rounds. The plan was to knock out power to a significant chunk of the county, as an experiment.  He'd done a bit of research on the web, and learned that failure of trivial components of the power grid could cause sizeable power outages.  He figured five shotgun rounds would cause some kind of failure.

Dwayne was dissatisfied with things, and he figured to fight the Man in a creative way.  Not wanting to attract much attention and not wanting to hurt people; he planned to annoy the system in minor ways.  Causing a power outage for a few thousand homes seemed like an unconventional way to start..

He stood up and emptied the shotgun's magazine into the insulators and enclosures of the substations.  The sound of sparks and arcing currents carried, and the lights illuminating the substation went out.  Dwayne sprinted across the field, jumped in his car, and drove off.  Fifteen minutes later, he approached town, largely dark.  It had worked.

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