Friday, August 17, 2012

July unemployment in US weak

Calculated Risk reports on BLS release today that State Unemployment Rates increased in 44 States in July:

Forty-four states recorded unemployment rate increases, two states and the District of Columbia posted rate decreases, and four states had no change...Nevada continued to record the highest unemployment rate among the states, 12.0 percent in July. Rhode Island and California posted the next highest rates, 10.8 and 10.7 percent, respectively. North Dakota again registered the lowest jobless rate, 3.0 percent.

In its release the BLS says that "The national jobless rate, at 8.3 percent, was essentially unchanged from June but 0.8 percentage point lower than in July 2011."
So most states' UE rates are higher but the national UE rate is unchanged.  So two states and the DC offset the other 47 units.  That probably hasn't happened very often in the US since 1947.

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