Monday, April 16, 2007

Portland, OR metro area experiences SLOW growth since 2000

The Portland Business Journal has a story headlined "Bend's population booms", but within the story the author notes that "The Portland-Beaverton-Vancouver area is 74th-fastest growing in the same period(2000-2006), with an increase of 10.9 percent -- adding 209,684 new residents -- for a population of 2,137,565." That's only a 1.8% increase in population on average per year for Portland-Beaverton-Vancouver; nothing to get up in arms about. Notably, 73 other metro areas grew faster. So don't believe any headlines in the Portland area main-stream-media about how Portland is uniquely struggling with growth; IT'S NOT! Other metros nearby in the rankings include Springfield, MO; Des Moines, IA; and Las Cruces, NM.

The PBV population change between 2005 and 2006 was 40,994 persons for rate of change of 2.0 percent.

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