Monday, April 30, 2007

Potential revision of Japan's constitution re military

The VOA has a story titled "Japan Considers Amending Pacifist Constitution" that leads by stating "After years of talking about it, Japan's governing party has moved ahead this month with plans to revise the country's constitution. The changes would expand the role of Japan's military - a significant break from its post-World War II pacifist era." The article then goes on to quote some notables on the issue:

-Proponents of the changes, such as Osamu Nishi, professor of constitutional law at Komazawa University in Tokyo, say Japan needs to be able to project force commensurate with its economic power. "Japan is not the same country as it was 60 years ago," he said. "It has become a big country with a responsibility to keep world peace"...I agree with this 100%...

-"Law professor, Pema Gyalpo, of Toin University in Yokohama is a constitutional advisor to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. He says a change in the military's role is necessary to meet any threat caused by China's growing military might. "Because in recent years it has been very obvious that China is increasing their military budget by double digits, and this is very great concern for the Japanese," Gyalpo says. Gyalpo also believes that if Tokyo wants to become a global player and a member of the United Nations Security Council, it has to take a more active military role"...again, I agree 100%...

Japan needs to take greater responsibility for its own defense. As things now, Japan is generally dependent on the US for protection should a crisis arise.

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CV said...

Hi Scott,

I agree with you that Japan's military situation is an anachronism and it must be considered unsustainable from a Japanese point of view.